The Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR) aims to advance the University’s excellence. To ensure high quality in teaching and learning through educational research and teaching development services. To encourage excellence in teaching and learning so as to maximize the potential of both teachers and students; To create opportunities for academics to reflect upon their teaching and share their experiences and ultimately achieve the common improvement of both teaching standard of teachers and learning efficiency of students.

Training and Workshops

Professional Development Course (PDC)

Professional Development Course aims to orient new teaching staff members to teaching and learning at CUHK-Shenzhen, and will introduce useful and relevant tools that may help them realise the educational objectives of their courses.

Teaching and E-Learning Workshops

To help the new teachers and teaching assistants to better prepare their teaching at CUHK-Shenzn, CLEAR will organize workshops in August. In these workshops, the relevant guidelines and learning management system of our university at undergraduate teaching and learning will be explained, and E-Learning tools like uReply, Panoto will be introduced.

Improving Postgraduate Learning (IPL)

Improving Postgraduate Learning courses are a short programme to help research postgraduate (RPg) students do their research. It mainly covers the RPg programme students and teaching assistants (TAs) as most of the RPg students will have chances to work as teaching assistants.

To enhance the teaching quality and strengthen communication and experience sharing among the teachers in different disciplines, CLEAR will host a series of talks and workshops. Scholars from overseas, CUHK and CUHK-Shenzhen will be invited.

Presidential Exemplary Teaching Award

To introduce the Presidential Exemplary Teaching Award, and list the awardees.