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Upcoming: Equote Salon: The World Captured through the Lenses, Life Depicted in the Paintings

  • 2019.04.13
  • Event
Equote Salon is a communication platform where students can exchange views and ideas with teachers or other speakers interactively on an equal and friendly basis, so as to achieve a better and deeper understanding with each other.

You are cordially invited to Equote Salon: The World Captured through the Lens, Life Depicted in the Paintings. In this sharing session, Muse College will invite the Associate of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, Mrs. Carol Tsang to share her personal story with photography. Plus, Geographer and Environmental Scientist, Prof. David Chen as well as other guests will also be invited to share their insights on photography. If you are interested in photography, desire to know more about the process of art creation and would like a chance to interact with the guests face to face, you don’t want to miss this precious opportunity!

Date:  13 April 2019

Time:  16:30--18:00

Venue: CIDE (the 3rd floor of Letian Building)

Language: Mandarin