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2020 Original Music Programme | Whale Circus-Xingyu Lee

  • 2020.01.07
  • Event
"Only the stars to teach us light."

In 2020, UAC will launch a brand-new music programme:invite independent musicians to share creative inspiration; generate power for imagination; find the music fit for you; feel the ups and downs of emotions on the scene; use music to communicate with like-minded people.


2020 Original Music Programme-Seasons of Music【Ⅰ】WINTER

Special Guests: Whale Circus-Xingyu Lee

Time: 18:30-20:00, January 10, 2020

Venue: In front of TC101 SPACE

Live Music + Story Sharing of Music Creation

Please scan the QR Code to register


Whale Circus is the name of Xingyu Lee's personal brand, inspired by "52 Hertz Whale", the loneliest whale on the planet. 

Xingyu Lee, Independent Music Producer, Founder of the Whale Circus.


Looking forward to the first artist of the 2020 Original Music Program on January 10.

Dream and imagine in the shining of stars!