Equipment and Asset Management Office

About Us
Equipment and Asset Management Office (EAMO) is the functional department responsible for overall planning and coordination of University equipment and assets. Our mission is to provide standardized, efficient and orderly asset management services in order to support teaching, research and administration on campus, with the best endeavors in asset acquisition planning and budgeting, procurement management, asset allocation, asset capitalization and disposal management, laboratory safety management, as well as the sharing of large-scale valuable instruments and equipment, etc.

Rules and Regulations

Asset budget
Procurement management
Allocation management
Asset capitalization and disposal management
Laboratory safety management
Opening and sharing of large-scale instruments and equipment



  • Tel:(86)755-23516955
  • Address:Room E312, Administration Building East Wing, CUHK (SZ)


  • 8:30~12:00,13:00~17:30(Monday to Friday)
  • Off duty on weekends and public holidays

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