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Venues Introduction

Public room:

314 Reading Room

Reading Room has a seating capacity of 30-40 people which is open throughout the day. There are nearly thirty kinds of magazine、foreign periodicals cover literature、art、fashion,and also kinds of books、novels to meet the demand of readers.

Function Room(Need a Reservation:

303 Discussion Room

For group discussion、study and communication. It can accommodate 8-10 people with conference table、chairs and has air-condition and power outlet.

307 Painting Room

Spotlight、drawing board、easel、blackboard and plaster model is equipped in the room. It can hold 4-6 people at a time,which provides a place for art making.

308 Mood Room

It’s time to relieve the tension and let your feelings evolve. You can find punching ball、graffiti wall and other board game here,which instantaneously gives your mood a lift.


315 Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall can be used for concert、cinema hall and rehearsal venue,also mini-lectures can be hold there. Multimedia facilities are supported.

603 Digital Piano Room

There are four sets of digital piano for the beginners and initiate. You can wear the headphones for personal practice also.


604/605 Folk Music Room

Folk Music Room is for you to play zithers,which has the function of influencing sentiment and purifying mind.

606 Music Studio

The studio is a soundproofing room where there is a piano and some tables and chairs. It is suitable for music making, choir practice and piano playing.

607 Band Room

There are not only professional audio equipment but also electronic drum、bass and mixer. Various of instruments can be played together and you can fully enjoy music here.

608 Piano Room

The room is clean and bright and it is equipped a professional piano. It is a good place for you to play piano or do some practice.

610 Physical Room

Physical Room has Portable Speaker and mirror. It can accommodate up to 20 people. Dancing rehearsal or practice can be realized here.