CUHK-Shenzhen is proud to provide our students with a collegiate system. Each student is affiliated with one of our seven colleges so that students with different academic and cultural backgrounds may closely interact with one another. We uphold whole-person education. At our colleges, a wide variety of learning opportunities take place, supplementing academic education offered by Schools. Our informal education, in its various forms, cultivate our students’ artistic tastes, boost their interpersonal skills, and raise their awareness of social responsibility.

Established with a generous donation from the Shaw Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited, Shaw College is the first college of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Since its founding in 2016, Shaw College has strived to build a “community of scholars” dedicated to intellectual inquiry, integrity and social responsibility.  Students and teachers from different background live and learn together, sharing the joys of knowledge discovery with each other. Through communal experiences, the College provides an open platform for the whole-person care and education of our students, helping them hone their abilities, broaden their horizons and cultivate their values, so they may succeed in their chosen career paths, and contribute to the betterment of the community, the nation and the world.

In recognition of the generous donation of Genzon Public Welfare and Charity Foundation (henceforth Genzon Foundation), and its continued contribution to the University’s further development, the University named the second College—“Diligentia College”. Diligentia College aims to cultivate students' sense of belonging, ownership, innovation and enterprising spirit, multi-perspective thinking and social responsibility, and promote the well-rounded development and comprehensive quality of students.

The University established and named its third college as Muse College in 2016, in recognition of the contribution of Horoy Holdings Limited, Mr. Lai Hoi Man and his wife Ms. Chan See Ting. Muse College aims to establish an inclusive and friendly community in which members mutually respect and trust each other, and to promote whole-person education with equal emphasis on knowledge, skills and value. The college is committed to nurturing and cultivating students into global citizens with noble characters and superior ability who are learned and talented and care for society through whole-person education programs and activities.

Established on March 29, 2018, Harmonia College is the fourth constituent college of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. The college is named after its patron, Mr. Yang Xiangbo, the former Chairman of the Board of Shirble Group in recognition of his generous donation and continued contribution to the University’s development. Harmonia College will uphold the college’s motto “Scholarship, Perseverance, Excellence.” Through a holistic educational philosophy, Harmonia College aspires to foster students’ self-confidence, self-discipline, cultural consciousness, global vision, social responsibility, and humanitarian values.

Ling College was founded in 2022 as the fifth college of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. The College’s name ‘Ling’ derives from Dr. Ling Dao Yang, one of the founders of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a pioneer of modern forestry science in China, and an advocate for China's National Tree Planting Day. Mr. Ling Guoqiang, the Chairman of Shenzhen Baihe Holdings Group and a descendant of Dr. Ling Dao Yang, generously donated to the University to carry on the tradition of the college system at CUHK, Shenzhen. The University named its fifth college after Dr. Ling Dao Yang to remember his outstanding contributions to education. Upholding the motto of "Self-cultivation and Striving for Excellence, and Serving Others", and following the educational philosophy of whole-person education, Ling College enhances students' leadership, communication, and artistic literacy through various activities and social practice courses, allowing students to learn and grow in a diverse environment.

Thanks to the donation from Shenzhen Hexi Industrial Co., Ltd., CUHK-Shenzhen established the sixth college, Minerva College, in 2022. “Houhan”, in Chinese, conveys the meanings of loyalty, tolerance, inclusiveness, benevolence, and generosity. Minerva College will uphold the principle of “Kindness, Inclusiveness, Dedication and Creativity”. With the donor’s enthusiasm for inheriting cultural heritage and the pioneering spirit of entrepreneurs, Minerva College will guide students to embrace an open attitude to encourage innovation. Students will be cultivated to become compassionate and responsible individuals with the ability to cope with the challenges in the ever-changing society through various experiential learning activities and diversified student development programmes.

Established in July 2023, the Seventh College follows the motto of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen: "Through learning and temperance to virtue." The college's mission is to cultivate graduates who embody mission, character, and service. To achieve this, the Seventh College focuses on whole-person education, encompassing four key elements: innovation/entrepreneurship, leadership and communication, service learning, and intimate relationships. These elements are designed to ensure a seamless transition from student life to professional careers for postgraduates.